The 7 Pillars

7 pillars outcome run events irelandThe 7 Pillars of Outcomerun – Positivity give you the Edge are as follows:

  1. Fun   Passion 

  2. Gratitude   Feedback

  3. Love   Significance

  4. Generosity   Law of Attraction   

  5. Patience   Challenge

  6. Flexibility   Strength

  7. Outcome   Goal

Outcomerun was devised upon these 7 Pillar’s. There are two words for each Pillar. In a running/ walking context I would consider the word on the left to best represent someone who is new to running/ walking and the one on the right to be for the more experienced. In reality that is a total generalisation. You can use either or both – whichever one speaks most to you.

The words in each Pillar are not linked. The first few Pillars have a lighter theme to get you started on your journey towards greater Positivity. They also reflect the energy levels you have at the beginning of a training session should you decide to also concentrate on the fitness side of Outcomerun.  For the best results – we hope you do!

The Outcomerun Book or Outcomerun Seminar will take you through each Pillar in greater detail. They break each Pillar down into examples, self examination and exercises for both mind and body.  

Training plans are available on the website. And should you wish to immerse yourself in Positivity while training and recording your progress the Outcomerun App can be your training companion to keep Positivity front of mind. 

‘Don’t stay in Autopilot if you are not living the life you want. Take action.’ Eoin Ryan

introduction to all 7 pillars please read first.pdf

pillar 1 fun and passion.pdf

pillar 2 gratitude and feedback.pdf

pillar 3 love and significance.pdf

pillar 4 generosity and attraction.pdf

pillar 5 patience and challenge.pdf

pillar 6 flexibility and strength.pdf

pillar 7 goal and outcome.pdf

my goals sunary sheet for printing. as seen in outcomerun book.pdf



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