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You can view Eoin Ryan's performance on Dragon's Den to the right. Whilst the video is not the best quality you can view the full episode of Dragon's Den with Eoin and Outcomerun by visiting the following:

Dragons Den - Outcomerun


Name:  Eoin Ryan

Idea: (The name of your business)  Outcomerun – Positivity gives you the Edge

Investment: (amount)   15k

Equity: 20%

Location: (where you are from)  Originally Wexford but now almost a Dub. Almost!

Their Pitch: (One line to summarise your business venture) The 7 Pillar’s of the Outcomerun Book, Seminar and Events will help develop a more Positive and Active YOU. 

How you came up with Idea: (Please discuss how you came up with the idea and then how you developed this idea) I started a business whereby I organise sporting events 5 years ago. I’m also a personal trainer and a Life Coach. I combined my skills to create the unique Outcomerun concept

Personal Information: (A paragraph or two re. personal and business background) I’m the biggest optimist you may ever meet. I’ve had many struggles in my life but I’ve bounced back from all of them. I worked in Marketing for 8 years and enjoyed it. My burning desire was to be self employed for as long as i can remember. When made redundant in 2008 I decided to go for it! It wasn’t plain sailing, but looking back, I’m glad i grafted as much as i did and continue to do so every day.

The new Life Coaching arm of my business has really taken off. This is my ‘A’ game. I’ve had amazing success with many One to One clients. My seminars on Goal setting, Happiness & Confidence have been getting 5 stars on evaluation sheets. It took me a long time to find where my skill-set lay. I was patient - I never gave up. It was worth the wait. Onwards and upwards 


Explain your Dragon’s Den experience?  I was well prepared. Do that and the more difficult stuff goes down a few notches. As the expression goes: ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’.  I’d practiced but more importantly I’d visualised myself in front of the Dragons regularly. I did my research on the Dragons and knew who i was targeting in particular. I had a plan B if they weren’t receiving it as I’d envisaged. As it turned out – I had to go to plan B.
Who was the toughest Dragon?  Peter Casey. I felt he was too quick to decide.

Were you nervous?    Yes, naturally. However, my experience of hosting my own Seminars and being a Toastmaster really stood to me.

Were you surprised by some of the questions?  Not especially. I was surprised that no one asked me for clear cut figures. That’s why I isolate Peter as the toughest. Had he asked me figures, I think he would have stayed in a bit longer....

Who was most interested in your idea?  Gavin and Ramona. They were also my identified targets.
Would you have done anything differently  Not at all. I gave my best. It didn’t flow as I’d imagined but i was open to any eventuality.

Would you recommend applying for Dragon’s Den to any other budding entrepreneurs? 
Yes, do it. Life is all about experiences. If you have an idea ask yourself – ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ Then when you are comfortable with your answer, send in the application or don’t send it in. 

In five year’s time where do you see your product/company?
If nothing else I hope people will be more positive and active as a result of Outcomerun – Positivity gives you the edge. I’d like to be selling out the Outcomerun Seminars around the country and maybe further afield. I hope the book will be an inspiration to others. Outcomerun could be a vessel to tackle Mental health and obesity. Two major concerns addressed together. Time will tell www.outcomerun.com

What is your lasting memory of the Den?  The whole process from application to now is a big journey for each participant. The journey was made so much lighter by the staff involved in the show. Thank you.


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