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My name is Eoin Ryan and I'm the creator of Outcomerun - Positivity gives you the Edge.

Eoin Ryan Life Coaching DubinI work full time as a Life Coach and a Sports Events Organiser. A nice mix that sparked the idea for Outcomerun

If you would like to know more about me and my coaching i have a seperate website www.eoinryancoaching.com

I believe this Testimonial will give you a quick flavor of me and how i work....


'Having being out of full time work for almost two years, I was fed up of applying for jobs, getting interviews, but no job offers. I felt as if I was going around in circles. I didn't really know what I wanted in life anymore, and felt as if I was hitting a brick wall, and nothing was going the way I wanted it to.

I decided that perhaps life coaching might be the answer for me. I found Eoin Ryan Coaching by chance on the meetup website. Eoin was holding one of his confidence seminars in Dublin, so I decided to go along and check it out.

I found the seminar extremely worthwhile and it did give me a bit of a confidence boost afterwards. I found Eoin's style of public speaking really relaxing and engaging. I liked the way he used his own personal experiences throughout the seminar, which I feel I could relate to personally. I wanted to hear more, and so I decided at this point that I was then going to use Eoin for life coaching.

After having just one hour life coaching session with Eoin, I feel I had been put on the right direction. Eoin helped me figure out what I really wanted. "Did I want any old job or a really good job?" It was at this point I decided I should go back to college and retrain. Eoin challenged me to make my first goal happen. I went away that day and worked on my goal straight away. I enrolled at a college the next day and started a full time course two weeks later.

I have since been to the Goal setting workshop, which I can highly recommend to anyone. I learned that anything is possible if we put our minds to it. I am now learning to work on my other goals and write them all down. I can highly recommend Eoin to anyone. His style of presenting is just brilliant and he steers you towards your goals. The best small investment I have honestly made in a long time. I feel I am now on a new journey in life, and that my goals will eventually happen. Totally life changing. Thanks Eoin'.

Sean 2013


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