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Outcomerun Events & Access Code

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Good to see you arrived at this page! Why, because it means your contemplation mode goes beyond just Positivity. Time to get Active or run faster with the help of the 7 Pillars. Qudos to you! Let's do it..

How to get Access codes

These are provided by the Event organiser*. Once you sign up to their race you will be provided with the event code belonging to that race. 

Enter your Event Code

If you have an Event code enter it here **under construction** to get further information and exercises on the 7 Pillars. This allows you to prepare your thoughts in advance of taking part in the Event.

*Partnered Events are provided with a unique code per event. Please contact the Event organiser for the code. List of partnered Events below.  Note: We do will not supply codes to you. Contact the organiser.

List of Partnered Events

Click here to view a list of all partnered events

How does an Outcomerun Event work?

An Outcomerun Event is an opportunity to participate in a running race that has hired the Outcomerun equipment (the App, access to info on the 7 Pillars and the 7 x tear drop banners). These partnered Events will have the 7 Pillars displayed along the route at predetermined positions depending on the distance and how the course is measured (miles or km’s). The 7 individual Pillars will be displayed on various 3 metres high x 1 metre wide teardrop banners (hard to miss).

The race organiser will give their participants a unique code which gives them access to a section of the website and restricted access to the Outcomerun App relative to their event only. The access to the website will give everyone enough information to prepare in advance 'the anchor' of what they will subconsciously remember when they pass the relevant pillar.

Should you run with a smart phone you can access that event on the Outcomerun App using the code and hear the 7 x 30 second motivational messages as you pass that particular Pillar (teardrop banner) along the course. The App will trigger once you are very close to the Pillar via GPS. More info on Outcomerun App click here

Seeing the 7 Pillars in situ at the race will bring on a flood of Positive thoughts aligned with what you learned and developed from reading the Book or attending a Seminar. The website access to the 7 Pillars will give you a summary flavour of the 7 Pillars and exercises to help you prepare your thoughts for the Event and life in general.

How to get Outcomerun at your local Event?

The Outcomerun Event is designed to cater for 5km, 5mile, 10km, 10mile, half marathon and full marathon (in both miles and km’s).

If you would like Outcomerun to be partenered with your local race – contact the race organiser to put in a request.  

If you can go faster - so can everyone  else!                                                                                    

Not too many race organisers would ignore that angle to attract participants. People power it is!
We can be contacted via the website for further information click here

Positivity will give EVERY race the Edge..

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