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A confession - In an ideal world the App would be ready before Dragon's Den aired on the 24th March. This isn't the case unfort. BUT that is just as well because we have enhanced the App to something much better than the original blueprints. In fact it is 100% better and we are blown away by its functions.

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There are two parts to the App:

1) A free with Event access code - giving you restricted access. [To see the list of partnered Events click here] An Event will license (hire) the App and the seven Teardrop banners which will be placed along the course at predetermined spots depending on length of race. The same code will also give access to further information & exercises on the 7 pillars on this website.

What the App does: When you run past the teardrop banners (based on GPS) the app will quieten down your music and give you 30 seconds of a motivational boost based on whichever Pillar you are passing. Keeps your thoughts Positive throughout the Event helping you to go faster!! 

2) Buy the App €1. This is the coolest part with All the functions including the Event access. The App doubles up as a training partner. Most of us have regular running routes. You can record your local runs and it will give show you a performance graph and table based on the last 5 times you did this run broken into 7 even segments. It will also show and hold your Personal Best time constantly to compare verses the last 5 trips you did. You can select to save your run/walk based on distance (in miles or kms) or by time. Lastly and most importantly the App will play the 7 motivation messages no matter how long/ short your run in even intervals.



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